How do u improve your throw?


I have a feeling that my throw is not good. how do u improve it? is there a drill or something? Can u include pictures if possible? ;D


Practice throwing while facing a wall, and try to make your throw allinged with the wall. Practice that for a long time and you’ll get it down well.

(Xdohl’s method)


Using a looper is good for learning your throw, its more narrow, so it makes your throws more precise. Also, you save time on binds.

Stand on tiled floor or something that has lines, and throw. Throw it to be aligned to the lines. Repeat over 9000 times and you will master it. (No, don’t really do it so many times)

Just do it. Start of by training straightness. Once you have a straight throw, start going for power. Remember to sorta “Snap” your wrist.


hey i had the same problem u did go to this websit an go to learn watch how to do a sleepr andre boulay will be teachin a vid it helped me a ton now i am workin on advanced tricks


All of these way will work but I just threw my yoyo till I got it. Don’t worry, it will come to you.

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To be honest I never actually practiced to throw on its own. If you just practice different tricks and so on, your throw will automaticly get better without you even noticing.

If you want to you can try to do the method above but then time your throw every week or so and see for your =self!