the throw?!?!

ok so I’m now in my second week of practice. I noticed that there are a few methods to throwing. side and the front for 1A. I think i have the front throw down. Its so important to nail down the throw for what ever trick is the follow. I noticed that when it comes to the side throw some of the people when i watch the video hold it so you see the face of the yo-yo and throw down. Is there a tutorial on any part of that throw? I’m so new that i really throw straight out say shoulder hieght and wait for the yoyo to come around. I’m going to end of taking out an eye if i keep that up. Thanks all.

This should help you out a bit.

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Well first look at the video that he posted. Theres no point in me posting it again. Anyways just keep in mind that there is no absolutly correct way to throw. Get a general idea of how he does it then change it till you find what is comfortable. You may like your arm lower or your hand tilted. As long as it gets the yoyo spinning it works. Hope this helps.

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thanks guys i was just wondering about the way Guy Wright does his throws just looks very cool with little effort. All the best.