Wooly Marmot 2 issue

(JET) #1

Hi so I bought a wooly marmot 2 off someone and it is completely mint but the issue is that on throws it feels like its not catching on the pads, (like how it feels when you throw a yoyo that needs new pads) but the pads are new and not used…


Lube on the pads, string, outside of beatring?


Try wiping the pads w/a paper towel or cloth. If you have lighter fluid, try some of that.

(JET) #4

didnt work :-\


What kind of string are you using?
If the string is a bit too thin binds can be kinda slippy.

(JET) #6

its throws and binds :confused: and I have tried YYSL Ammo and Venom

(JET) #7

help meh


Get new pads or sili it, what else are we supposed to say?


I have never used ammo or venom but, I have used type-x before and it gave me pretty good binds on my clyw.
With that being said ammo is supposedly thicker than type-x so it should give tighter binds.
I don’t know what else to say other than that the string isn’t the problem


Change the bearing