Ive got either a string or bearing problem...

Alright, so last night I did a group bearing wash in lighter fluid. I put the same strings back on. And after the cleaning the bearings each got 1 drop of thin lube. Today i threw my code2 and it was responsive. I swtiched bearings and nothing changed. I use 100% poly kitty strings on the yoyos that have been responsive. Its like 4 of my yoyos. I put a toxic string on one and its fine.

Does kitty string make a yoyo responsive when it wears out too much? The string was used maybe a week, and now this is happening.
Please help or give me suggestions…Thanks!

you just need to play it because the lube needs to spread out

String shouldn’t have too much effect on it. Was it responsive like a yomega or something? or just barely responsive?

You probably over lubed some bearings. Or just normally lubed. Either way, you need to break in the lube.

Are you sure nothing got in the bearing(s)?

No, when a kitty string gets old it doesn’t make a yoyo responsive, unless little parts of the string go in the bearing, but I don’t think that is the case here.

The yoyos I had problems with was a Code 2, a Glacier Express, and a Battosai. All have trifectas in them. I put on a fresh string (big yoyo strings and toxic dragons) and theyre playing like normal. I think I just had a weird situation or something.

Glad you fix it. My throws are usually responsive for a bit after cleaning, but after a while it gets better. Just make sure nothing like hair or junk get in them.

Oh, and Thank You all for your help :slight_smile:

If there was ever hair or gunk in them, would just a strong blow of air from an air compressor do the trick?

It very well could. That’s what I would try.

The OP didn’t fully describe how he cleaned or lubed the bearings.

Based on the description, I hope they were cleaned with the shields removed, and lubed with the shields replaced.

If the shields were left on, it’s kinda hard for the stuff you’re trying to clean out to be cleaned out. If you’re adding a drop of lube with the shields not in place, that’s too much lube.