Difficulty keeping the Mighty Flea running right!


Hi everyone,

I have a Mighty Flea and enjoy it, but man, is it hard to keep it running properly!

I know how to clean and lube a bearing, but I find it to be almost impossible to keep it running unresponsive consistently. My freshly cleaned bearing becomes responsive after around 2-5 minutes of play! I use acetone or methylated spirits and terrapin dry for lube.

Do any of you guys have the same difficulty? Any suggestions?


Make sure the bearing seat area of the yoyo itself is well cleaned. There might be some dust in there that’s clogging up the bearing.


For sure. Looks pretty clean though.


If it’s a bad bearing you can buy a little micrometer and measure the bearing so if it happens to be a bad bearing. you can buy a bearing from and industrial company since you know the size you need to buy a new one. (plus it’s cheaper than buying straight from YYF)


Thanks. I’ve actually already done that. Unfortunately, I have had the same experience with 8 bearings.


Dumb question, are you using flea string?


Cheap, light flea string plus that high wall is a bad thing for response. Try using a stiffer string.


Yes, I am using flea string. What type is flea string? Is it type 4? I could try to find It in nylon which would be stiffer, but I don’t like my chances.

I’ve noticed that yyf string starts getting fluffy pretty quickly which may contribute to the yoyo becoming responsive. Don’t know.


Yeah, flea string is 3 or 4. Just email a string maker and ask them to make you a stiff flea string. They should be able to do it.


Custom made string, eh? Sounds expensive!


Not too terrible, i make flea string and i could make and send you ten for 3.50.


Yeah, but I live in Australia. Postage would be killer.