grippy marmot

so i got a wooly marmot. i have a gnarwhal and a campfire and neither are grippy. this marmot shoots back to my hand on so many grinds its ridiculous (since i took it out of the box). when its not gripping i love it. i bought a 1/5 colorway is that possibly why they might have dropped more silicone in these 5 or something? is there a way to make this less grippy? Thanks! ;D

edit: ive tried changing strings and changing bearings, still grippy. I’m thinking can i just like wear down the silicone by playing with it and it will become better?

I’m assuming that “grippy” means responsive on grinds. Just keep playing with it and if it is still “grippy” after a while then maybe you need to clean the bearing

its the response system that needs breaking in, if you can’t wait, then buy 4 hat pads (thick and stack 2 in each recess)

Or whatever pads.

Just break in the response. Keep playing with it.

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Flowable silicone or RVT works well, You can find them in your local auto parts store.

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Just play. My Gnarwal just got here and it is completly responsive.
Play for 1-2 weeks and the silicone will be perfect.

Or you could order a bunch of hat pads for a couple bucks, plus shipping ::slight_smile:

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thanks everyone!! its getting better i think! ;D I guess looking back my gnarwhal was a little grippy at first…