I need some help with my Wooly Marmot

Hey guys, I wore my Marmot pad out. Any one know where I could get another sili pad, exactly like the ones that go in to CLYW. I have a couple hat pads, but I really like the pads already in it. If I could buy them, I will, just need to know where!



The pads that are in it are made from silicone. You can save yourself some money and put your own silicone in the groove. Grab a bottle of Flowable Silicone and it put some in the groove and your Marmot will be as good as new!

Do you know that name of the pads?

I remenber seeing some on yoyoguy, but they were just called “Sili Pads”

According to this site, they use flowable, so it’s probably just flowable put into a mold then stickied. Flowable willbe the same thing.

Yeah, you can put sili in it like MetalMilitia and Apetrunk said or you can contact CLYW and see if you can get their pads.

Wait, since when does Caribou Lodge use silicone stickers in the first place? I’m fairly certain that all their silicone yoyos are just that, silicone poured into the groove. Not stickers.

I think they’re pads, not stickers, but it could be just straight flowable, but if it came out as a whole without him trying then it’s probably like an o-ring.

You can use the silicone pads from onedrop.

Looking at pictures, it appears older ones had flowable, and the newer runs have some sort of pad. Which I’m not happy about. Huge step backwards in my opinion.

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Super cool guys! Thanks, I’ll pick up some flowable sili next time I go out or make an order on the nation!

Hold up, I think they are I-pads, they’ll probably making them ones soon.

Silicone applied by you > pads

That seems to be the case.

My marmot comes with ipads so i guess yours should be the same :slight_smile:

I know this is a bit off topic, but I didn’t want to make a new thread about it. Does anyone know if they are planning on putting out more kinds of “Wooly Marmot Doing Stuff” collectors ones? I have really wanted a Wooly Marmot for a long time but they always seem to be out of stock on the CLYW site.

I know where you can get CLYW size k-pads :smiley:

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