CLYW Gnarwhal reponse

So I was wondering what OTHER types of silicone pads would fit in a CLYW Fool’s Gold Gnarwhal besides CLYw Snow Tires response??

You could use flowable or other RTV products and silicone it. Otherwise, I think it’s gonna be Snow Tires.

layerd hat pads will fit perfect

The gnarwhal is the only CLYW I havent played. If it has the same size groove as an avalanche (which I think it does), Flow Groove pads will fit inside the groove. They wont fit perfectly, but they will still fit.

Uhh the One Drop Flow groove response?


With all this talk of replacement pads going on for the Gnarwal, it could have already been siliconed with fresh RTV, cured and been back in action!

All CLYW use the same pads expect for the" small" bearing bassalope

I all most for got about the wooly markmont next that one use flow groove.

Why would you not want to use the snow tires? It’s such a nice response.
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Listen to YourBBQ. I use flow groove pads and they are amazing. Its like I have flowable…duh…they’ve lasted at least 5 months so far and still working hard. For $3 flow groove is my clyw response solution. U get 4 pads for $3 where as snow tires are $4 for 2 pads?

Are you sure you mean flow groove pads? They’re a different size, at least from the pads in the canvas.
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