flow groove in clyw?


would i be able to use flow groove response pads in my avalanche? theres would be a space around the outside of the pad but i dont see why i wouldnt be able to use it considering the adhesive on the back of the pads is very sticky.



I don’t know all the differences between Flow Groove Pads and Snow Tire Pads. It’s more than just “it fits the size of the recess”. There may be differences in thicknesses between the two. If the Flow Groove pads fit IN the groove, then you’re n your way. If they are too thick, you’ll probably need to take a razor and slice them down.

Or, you could silicone your Avalanche.


yeah i ran out of monkey snot recently tho and i like flow groove. the snow tires re just wider. The difference in thickness is negligible IMO. But you dont think it matters if there is a space in the recess around the outside of the pad?


I’ve been doing a lot of maintenance stuff recently. That and removing knots from dropping GT’s. I’ve noticed many yoyos have very small gaps between the pad and either the inside or outside.As long as the gap is pretty small(smaller than a string), it’s probably OK. I’d stlll recommend the proper response pad though.

Despite having run out of Monkey Snot, consider regular flowable. Not to knock Monkey Snot, but you get more for your money this way. Re-use your MS syringes.


I was telling a friend the other day that flow groove works well in CLYW’s. It won’t fit the entire response area, but that does not affect play. They last a long time and act as a substitute for flowable. They’re not snappy, but provide tight binds. They take a little while to break in. I’ve been using flow groove for a year for my CLYW. It sure beats siliconing your yoyo when you don’t know what you’re doing, like people like me. Id consider buying a couple packs of flow groove for CLYW if I were you.


…Why not just buy Snow Tires if you’re going to order flow grooves?


Because snow tires are slippier than a banana peels and last as long as an icecream cone in hell.


well i like them…


Yeah, me too. They last a long time to me and provide great binds.

I guess preferences vary. When my response wear out, I’m just gonna silicone my CLYW’s.


snow tires are also $4 a pop and flow groove you can get 2 yoyos worth for a dollar less… and i love flow groove. I’ve been using it but will probably remove them if i get some flowable.


I’d rather pay the extra $2 or however much extra it costs to have a set of response that I like and know for certain will work perfectly with my throw.


I agree. Right tool for the job sort of thing.

But, when I can, flowable!


Well ive been playing with flow groove for a while. It seems to hold up… not a single problem actually. I just dont know when my next order will be and i dont want to buy just the pads by them selves thats a waist. Its nice knowing that flow groove works in clyw tho if i ever needed a fast fix


I like flow groove in my onedrops. That’s it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, imho


I have some extra flow grooves around. I’m gonna try them in a CLYW just for the fun of it. I like to experiment. :slight_smile: