One Drop flow groove

Does anybody have any experience with the One Drop flow groove pad good or bad. Just looks a little sketchy. ???


One Drop is one of the top yoyo brands around. Their pads are just as solid as their throws.


I wish they were in every yoyo I have ever played or owned… They are THAT good…

I agree!!

It’s One Drop.

Have you played One Drop’s stuff? Well, I will admit, I am biased towards this company(and others). I really like One Drop products.

If it’s good enough to be factory installed, well, that’s good enough for me. I do admit that once I do wear out a response system, I will be siliconing it to see how it compares. If I don’t like it, I will buy more Flow Groove pads and stick with those.

I’ve tried them. They work fine. Why do they seem sketchy?

I prefer using OD flowable pads in my clyw throws instead of the snow tires!

They fit?

alright thanks for the help guys i appreciate it i said they where a little sketchy just because they looked weird on the site .

Last time I used it on my Sasquatch I needed to trim them a bit

Because they’re clear. Most pads are not translucent.

Flow Groove pads are amazing, you can use them until they wear down to the metal.

Flow groove pads are some of the grippiest longest lasting pads out there. Great pads.

Do Snow Tires fit in ODs?

No but you can fit OD in clyw

My stacked M1 has it’s groove pads still in there, and they last forever! I love mine, they grip when needed, but don’t snag. They are perfect, in my opinion.

The Onedrop Flowgroove pad is perfectly fine and is one of the standard pads to use in the yoyo industry as long as the pad depth is similar to the Onedrop groove.

These pads last ridiculous amounts of time similar to flow silicone, except you do not have to recess them nor have to worry about them flying off.

No sketch here, man. Sall best quality.


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