One Drop Flow Groove Response

Anybody use OD flow groove pads for yoyos from other companies? I want to put them in a shutter and a dv888 as well as my OD. Does it really matter?

If they fit, no it doesn’t matter.

Flow Groove pads meant for OD yoyos probably won’t fit.

They do make them in other sizes, though, like the 19mm OD slim pad you’ll need for those YYF yoyos. They are great pads, but a touch less thick than (for example) white CBC pads. If you’re putting them into a yoyo where the old pads sat totally flush, you’re golden. If they are going into a yoyo that already had them a bit recessed, you might find your binds a bit less tight.

Short story: they’re best in yoyos where you want to reduce grippiness on binds.

OD-sized pads in OD yoyos, though… Flow Groove is the only way to fly!