OD flow groove fit Non-ods?

Can they fit like standard YYF and stuff?
I think i asked before but just to make sure >.<

The 19mm slim pad One Drop Flow Groove Pads will fit but they are slightly thinner than standard 19mm pads so they play a little different.

I like having the 19mm OD around for when I need to make a yoyo slightly less grabby. Pop one of the stock pads out, replace with the 19mm OD, and you’re in PerfectionVille. But that’s only for yoyos I want to reduce grabbiness on. As Garrett may be diplomatically trying to say: you may not want to use the 19mm OD as direct replacements for your existing pads unless you want less response.

The stock ones fit clyw, auldey, 1st gen yyj, 1st gen godtricks, and maybe more