Standard flow groove on a non OD yoyo

Hello there, hope everyone is doing well !
I know I brought this up a few weeks ago and there is tons of forums about this topic, but couldn’t reach a clear conclusion.
So has anyone tried to put a standard one drop flow groove on a non OD yoyo? ( or even a OD that requires 19 mm slim only ). Other than shitty response, but has it reached to the point that the yoyo is completely responsive ?

I’m not sure why you would want to do this? The flow groove is too big for the 19mm yoyos. So you would have to cut it down to fit.
And clyw response is too big for the flow groove pads. I guess It would work? But have sloppy binds?

OD makes a 19mm pad, just use them!

Maybe I’m missing something here?


You are missing something indeed :P, that’s my bad for not mentioning this.
Well I ordered the standard flow groove instead of the slim ones by mistake ( cannot replace it too late), so that’s why I’m asking if anyone has experienced that to know if I can use it or not.
And according to the answers I will decide to order 19mm pads or not, that’s it.

They may work but they also may not, it depends how deep recessed the response is, but most likely if a yoyo requires 19mm slim it’ll probably be to thick and make it response or just not really work, my BIGGEST recommendation for anyone it to buy some flowable silicone of your own and learn to do your own response, it’s so much easier then people think, and then you can do like 30 yo-yos for 5$ and many people find they play better then stock response anyways, this is your best solution, so you don’t have to waist anymore money in response pads for 4$ that will only go in one yoyo

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Does any flowable silicone works? Cuz I don’t think the Permatex one is available where I live

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hmmm ive always used permatex so i cant speak to other ones, but hypothetically any silicone that has the same uses as the standard permatiex one should be fine


Thanks man!

Ooh that makes sense now, you bought the wrong pads. The obviously solution would be to buy a yo-yo that accepts them! Hahah

Seriously though, just buy some 19mm pads.

As for silicone, any flowable will work. Also, high temp red silicone works good too, it’s just a little harder to get smooth.