Response Pads for Anti-Yo YWET???

What response pads works in a YWET? Tried Flow Groove, but they were not tall enough.

try stacking two 19mm pad

Shouldn’t it be the One Drop stickers? I’m not sure why they wouldn’t fit…

I agree with this post. Use One Drop pads.

You could use the MFD Monkey Snot on anything right? I used for first time just barely and that’s some good stuff.

The recess for the response were too deep for the standard flow grooves.

I’ve been looking around online and it seems that flow groove works great even though they aren’t quite thick enough, did you actually try them? I have a YWET coming my way with just the inside o rings, I plan on trying out some flow groove or maybe even doubled flow groove as recommended above… Anyone else want to weigh in on what set up you guys are running?

Yeah, the flow groove I have did not work, it was as if there were no pads in it at all. However, I can’t remember which one’s I have. So I’m going to buy another set to try.

Just drop in some flowable silicone, lasts practically forever.

If you never use the yoyo.

Silicone will last a long, long time when applied correctly. No reason you shouldn’t get at least a year out of your silicone.