Irpad OneDrop response help

Well I recently traded for a cascade and I’m not in my comfort zone with the response because they feel to slippy or not consistent. I come from using clyw (with there grippy snow tires that I’m used to and love) so I know onedrop has their own flow groove response and Irpad has a copy of them as well. So I’m wondering what will be better for me Irpad or just standard from onedrop? Their the same thing but Irpad has three different options such as normal, hard, or soft. Which one is grippy. Are regular flow groove response pads grippy when they are new? And does 19mm slim pad work in a onedrop cascade? All help is appreciated. Thank you

Onedrop pads are somewhere in between the normal and hard irpads. Youd try normal of soft irpads if you want more response.
Before there were 0.9mm thick 19mm pads (e.g. those in first run phenom/izms) that can be stacked in 2 to fit a onedrop, but now most 19mm pads are >1.0mm and a bit too thick for that. Tho if you rly want a particular type of 19mm pad, you can always put it flowable silicone under it.

I’ve never heard of trying to stick a pad to flowable. Weird!

I find the One Drop pads are pretty perfect for me. They’re not super-grippy, though, which is why I love them. “Just the right amount of grip” is going to vary from person to person, but I feel that once that initial layer is worked at for an hour or two (when they ARE grippy), they are just right for a long time.

I would give them a go. Even though IrPads are expensive “for pads”, they’re still a cheap way to find something you really like for the long-term, so order those, too!

If a yoyo is too sloppy stock, I use a thicker string