Replacement response pads for one drop?

The shop is out, is there another brand that will fit in one drop yoyos? Specifically code 2?

Flowable silicone.

I’m slightly afraid of messing that up. Is it pretty easy to get right?

Normal IrPads will fit. Kpads will too.

Thanks a million! Is there much of a differen between all the types? (And the ir pads soft medium hard?)

You can’t mess up. If you spill some on the yoyo or in the bearing seat, wait for it to dry and peel it off. It is also MUCH MUCH cheaper.

Yah, flowable silicone is very nice. It’s easy to master, easy to apply, beats waiting for pads to get shipped to you, and lasts a lot longer than pads. I recommend it. It does take up to 12-15 hours to fully dry, but that’s quicker than it would take to get pads from an online store, those take 2-3 days to get :wink:

You’d be best with these IrPads:

And with the soft, normal, and hard, it basically means you can choose how the response plays. The softer, the grippier the pad, but also the faster the pad will wear out. Hard pads are less grippy, but last longer.

Aren’t hard pads also less snaggy?