IR response pads for one drop yoyos

What’s the difference between soft pads, normal pads, and hard pads? Does it have more response? Does it last longer? Please answer! ???

The softer the pads, the grippier they’ll be.


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This is true.

I wonder, though, why are you thinking of using IR Pads in a One Drop YoYo? IR Pads are great, but One Drop’s silicone pads are also very good, as is simply using flowable silicone and doing it yourself.

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True, I agree. Unless he wants to try IR Pads, but use the response stock unless you hate >:( it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@nkessler Would you recommend flowable silicone? If so, would it work well on the 54? Also, I have no experience with flowable silicone. Are there any instructions on how I should apply it?

I got some soft IR pads for my Gnarwhal. They’re really sweet.

I  would recomend  it its a little harder but you can handle it!  ;D

I would absolutely recommend flowable silicone in any yoyo with a response groove deep enough to hold it. The 54, along with all One Drop yoyos other than early M1s, can easily accept flowable silicone and bind very well with it installed.

One Drop’s pads are actually just a variety of flowable silicone that comes cut into perfect circles backed with adhesive that easily fit into the response groove. They are slightly more expensive than installing your own silicone, though, so if you’d like to save some money, I recommend doing it yourself.

The video directly above this post (posted by Bcmaddog) is a great resource for learning how to install flowable silicone. It takes a little practice, but after installing it once or twice you’ll be able to do it consistently. Personally, I use flowable silicone in every single one of my yoyos, even those that have their own branded response pads. I find that flowable silicone lasts just as long as any brand of response pads and can be installed to any depth you deem suitable. I prefer my response to be very loose in slim-gapped yoyos and very tight in wide-gapped yoyos, so being able to control the depth myself is a great advantage.