Favorite response pad?


I was just wondering. I’m re-stocking my bearings and pads, and I can’t decide on a pad. Thanks for clicking!

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I like one-drop pads


You may have to try several pads to make a decision. I. personally, like the YYJ silicone and the YYF white pads. Or pick up the assortment pack from YYF. That is what I did.


Irpads are the best IMO, but I just buy a few YYF variety packs since they’re the cheapest. But if I was 25 with a good job Id probably buy Irpads in bulk :smiley:


yoyorecreation pads.


then everything else


Flow Groove.


I really like Monkey Snot. Don’t know that I’ll ever go back to pads.


Flow Groove. A teeeeny bit grabby freshly-installed, but I think that should be expected if you like your pads to go the distance. Couple days of play and it hits the sweet spot and stays there seemingly indefinitely.

But I’m honestly not all that picky. Most of the time I can’t tell a tonne of difference primarily because I’ve never played a bunch of’em back to back in the SAME yoyo. And gap width, string selection, and groove depth all play a role, so it’s hard for me to really figure out.


I heard k-pads are really good and irpads, but which type of irpad?

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Surprised no one’s said Hat pads.


Hat pads or CBC Natural


I like the color of crucial pads




Snow tires.


They’re all the same, just different sizes for different yoyos


there are like 5 different hardnesses


Please tell me you are jokering me


just check the trick after plastic whip


Ooh clever…