2 pad questions

so i was looking for new pads for my shutter and what to try pads that are not yyf so what are some good pads that are not yyf pads 2nd question while looking around at the pads on here i came across these and wanna know are they really worth the price that they cost


I’ve never tried IrPads before, but it seems that they are rather expensive.

The 25 pair pack costs $84 which is $3.36/pair.  The 50 pair pack is $2.96/pair.

These cost $4 for 4 pads, which is $2 a pair.
Those seem like the best value and I’ve heard they are pretty good and long-lasting.

I wouldn’t recommend getting the bulk IrPads unless you’re really sure you like them.  If they are your favorite and you don’t mind spending $3 on them vs the $2 for the One Drop pads, go ahead I guess, but I think OD pads are probably your best bet.

Here is another one, but they aren’t available in 19mm right now.

There is also this smaller bulk pack from IrPad.  The rate is $3.60/pair.  It’s a higher rate than the other bulk packs, but it’s not too much stuff if end up not liking it.

joker pad hardness 40/50

People really seem to like IrPads, I don’t know that I’ve seen a negative view of them. I haven’t tried them, but I definitely would give them a shot if I used pads.

The One Drop Flow Groove slims would also be a good option. A bit grippy initially, but once broken in slightly they are really good.

I’d also recommend trying some flowable. It’s definitely the cheapest option in the long run, and is pretty simple to get the hang of. But if you only have a couple throws, it’s not a huge deal to spend a bit more on pads. I personally use Monkey Finger’s Monkey Snot, which is some pretty awesome stuff. Super easy to apply because it comes in a syringe with a narrow tip that kind of locks into the top of the response groove. It’s like 7 or 8 bucks for a tube, but it’ll treat enough throws where it’s still much cheaper than pads. And if you pick up some generic flowable silicone at your hardware store, it’s even cheaper… A 7 dollar tube of that will treat and ungodly amount of throws, but it’s a bit trickier to apply due to not having as narrow of an applicator.