ir pads thoughts


anybody got any thoughts on ir pad just ordered some normal 19mm ones for my diamondback just wondered if anyone knows how they play?


Hmm, I don’t have an answer but I have a question that I want to word as nicely as I can.

What’s the point of asking for opinions after you buy something? Don’t you ask before you buy? :smiley:


it would have been smart to ask befor but i needed to order them now


Yeah, but it can’t be that bad. As long as they do their job.


as far as im concerned if the bring my yoyo back p they work the rest is just a plus


Shoot!! At $4 a pair they better be good!!


Dont worry.
IR pads are a nice response.


Best 19mm I have ever tried… They should work excellent on the DB… I love them…


I got the little ball with 5 pairs in it and they seem to be binding nice and tight from what I can tell with my noobiness, and even better they seem like they are going to last longer than the standard YYJ pads


Do you like Soft, Normal, or Hard?


I have only ever tried the normal so I can not comment on play. The normal to me are just fine. I do however have a set of the “thin” ones in my Turning Point RT. Just great pads… I got into them as a replacement for Snow Tires… They are great in CLYW.


Okay. Because the pair that came in my f(x) it didn’t really like. The binds were inconsistent and they could’ve been snappier. Maybe they weren’t broken in yet. Does anyone know what type came in the f(x)?


Earlier this year I decided to test out all the different kinds of ir pads in both their 19mm and one drop form.

I thought that the 19mm pads were a step above the standard CBC pads, and would recommend them if you’re seriously/particular about your response. Worth the dollar upgrade from a set of “pro” CBC pads. I found they to be quite long lasting as well.

As for the one drop pads… Eh. They’re more than twice as expensive as regular one drop pads (4 for $3 for one drop pads, 2 for $4 for ir pads), and honestly, I could barely tell a different in play. If anything, the one drop pads played better.

And when it comes to soft/hard pads, soft pads are more grippy but wear out quicker, and hard pads are less grippy and last longer. The normal pads were best overall, while the soft pads performed better, but not for long. I wasn’t really into the hard pads, but they do serve a purpose. Maybe you can throw them into your take everywhere yoyo.


I’m not a fan.

When I first picked up my Cascade and Avalanche I got some ir pads (the ones specially designed for ODs and CLYWs, respectively, in the “normal” gripiness) to go with them because flow grooves and snow tires were out of stock.

After a few months the flow grooves in my Cascade wore out so I decided to replace them with the ir pads. With the ir pads in my Cascade was extremely, annoyingly un-responsive. I replaced them with flow grooves and the responsiveness was just about perfect.

A little while later the snow tires in my Avalanche wore out, so I again decided to replace them with ir pads. This time my Avalanche was extremely, annoyingly responsive. In fact, the ir pads didn’t seem to sit right, and stuck up a fraction of a millimeter higher than they should have. I replaced them with snow tires and the responsiveness was, again, just about perfect.

Make of that what you will, but (with the exception of snow tires) they’re more expensive than other response systems, and based on my experience don’t work as well. I won’t be purchasing them again.