IrPads: Questions needed to be answered!

Hey guys, Ive heard that the irpads are great, so i want to pick up a few pairs of CLYW pads, because most of my throws are CLYW. So anyway, what are the differences between hard, soft, and normal. i would really like some detail on them, just to know what I’m buying. Also if someone has a Chief and has used irpads in them and knows the best irpad for the Chief, just let me know. Thanks, Ben

The softer the pads are, the snappier the binds will be. In much the same way as there’s no best yoyo/bearing/string, there’s no best pad either. All comes down to preference. If it helps, the normal IrPads are probably closest to fresh CLYW pads.


I’ve used Ir pads in my Wrath and my Chief, and I love em in both. My Wrath plays exactly like I want it to, and my chief’s binds are almost there. I used the normal, which is great in my wrath, but I might give the soft a try next time in my chief.

I like 'em soft.

The soft version of the Ir pads are noticeably grippier, providing more response and tighter binds than the normal Ir pads. However, they tend to wear our more quickly.

The hard version of the Ir pads have less response and are less grippy, allowing the gap to handle more string layers with ease. These tend to last longer.

I’ve switched over to Ir pads completely. I find them to be the best pad, even though they are more expensive than most. You’re guaranteed to like the normal pads, but not everyone will like the soft or hard versions.

Do normal Ir pads fit in CLYWs?

No. I believe they have a specific size just for CLYW.

Are the binds slippy or just not snappy on the hard pads?

Unless the gap is super wide, the binds aren’t slippy at all.


I got the Irpads that come in bulk jars, not sure what softness they are but they feel somewhere between medium to hard. I play with really wide gap yoyo’s (5.00mm & above) and they tend to slip and not feel as snappy when you bind it. It feels more of a “thud” like bind if you know what I mean. Their great pads tho and last pretty long, I prefer softer responses even tho they wear out more quickly. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself and see if you like them.