IrPads (Not Really a Review)


IrPads rock.

Just popped a pair in my Catalyst. Binds are extremely tight and smooth. No kinks or bunched up string. I am able to Laceration Bind, Slack Bind, and Suicide Bind now with this throw. I was not able to do those with my Catalyst until now. The translucent pink coloration looks quite nice and subtle on my pink yoyo.

If these pads end up being durable I will try to swap them into all of my throws.

If anyone is thinking about getting them, definitely go for it.


They are really expensive if you ask me (Santa is going to get those for me) but I hear they’re the best so ill give it a shot


They seem like at the price they are they should feel pretty nice, Ive been thinking about throwing some in the glacier express since i do not really like the bind of it right now, would you say the bind is more smooth or shoots back fast. My issue with the CLYW is that it seems too tight lol


Well one pair is ok I guess, but I’m referring to the glass jar pack (25-50 pairs) that’s $80 I’d rather buy a new throw


I’ve been rocking ir pads in most of my throws for about two weeks and I am extremely pleased with them. Seriously, they are amazing.



Have you been using the soft, medium, or hard? And have you found them more or less responsive than stock?



I’ve been using One drop normal pads and 19mm normal pads. They bind tighter than all of the other CBC pads (i’ve tried them all besides the blue pads) and don’t snag as much as the CBC pads either.

Seriously, don’t hesitate to shell out an extra dollar or so for a pair.


Irpads are indeed probably the best pads on the market. I wouldn’t say they’re super snappy, but kind of like a very slightly broken in response that was once super snappy, only they stay like that practically forever. Don’t worry man, they’re plenty durable. However many you got should keep you busy for a good long while. For a good substitute at a slightly lower price point, YYR pads are great as well, though a bit less durable
and they don’t make them in every size known to man like irpads. My preference for yyr pads is the soft, but that’s because I like my binds super snappy.


Just put some hard ones in my chief…so good