Why buy IR pads

I was wondering if they performed any better than other pads and if they were worth the cost?

The perfect bind (for your particular preferences) is something wonderful to experience. If IR Pads installed to a specific yoyo are what give you that perfect bind, they’re a pretty cheap investment. But that said, some yoyos may benefit from Brand X and IrPads might not be the “right” choice for that yoyo. For example, slightly broken-in Flow Groove pads in a One Drop yoyo (4.25-4.35mm gap usually) are so great that I have no reason to go to 3rd party pads.

If you don’t really do trick binds or care much about how a bind feels (as long as you can get a yoyo back to your hand), you are probably not going to care.

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Better? Yes

Worth? Debatable.