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Personally, the flowable silicone in CLYW’s were my FAVORITE response! For me CLYW tires are really good, it takes a little while to break in though…

Below, comment which ones you like better and YOUR favorite type of response!


I really like my snow tires. When they wear out, I’ll try some flowable and see how I like that. Then when that’s gone, I have some IRpads in my cart!

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I’ve never liked Snow Tires. They are never grippy enough for me and wear out quick. Flowable is the way to go in CLYW. Ill need to try out those new irpads though.


Snow tires

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Sounds to me like you like them both equally well based on your statement above.


I used flowable silicone for about 5 years in our stuff, I loved it … super grippy, nice binds, you could control the depth when you pour it in. BUT we ran into so many issues with people wearing through it too fast or it coming out in super humid conditions. With Snow Tires … correct me if I’m wrong … we’ve never ran into someone having their Snow Tire just pop out.

As for response, I find it is usually always the same and works so well with a center trac or konkave.

Just comes down to personal preference I guess.

Personally I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to just pop in pads now. Definitely don’t miss the fumes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, seeing as you would have to silicone like 300 yoyos every run, pads would be so much easier.


Silicone over pre-made pads any day. I am just very particular about how I like my response and pads just never seem to be grippy enough for me. Though the snow tires do seem to be a bit more grippy on the newer CLYWs. Chris said that he slimmed up the gap and the recess just a tiny bit on the new Chiefs. It does seem to make a difference.


It’s odd. Some times my snow tires seem way too slippy, and some times they feel perfect. Might depend on heat or humidity.


From a manufacturing and assembly point of view, pads are much more economical. Pop in and ship out. If you use flowable, you gotta apply it, clean it, wait 24 hours to cure, adding really 2 days before something can be shipped plus all the time you have to spend doing it.

What I like is that you left us the option for pads or Snow Tires. Choice is good. I also won’t deny the convenience of popping in a pad and keep on rocking!


I actually really like snow tires. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the snow tires are made from the same stuff c3’s pads are made from right? I got a capless recently and really like the pad response in those as well. Definitely my favorite type of pad. Hopefully gonna snag a Wooly Marmot this week, so I’ll get to try out a CLYW with flowable.


While I completely understand the economic and logistics aspect of this for CLYW; I preferred the silicone. The guys at CLYW knew how to pour silicone! Since I do not live in humid conditions, flowable was where it was at for me. While I love the grippy binds that snow tires give, I find it rips the string up very quickly. Since that is my only beef with snow tires - I will label them a success.


See, I don’t have a problem with either. I like both in my clyw yoyos. I like Snow Tires for simplicity without problem. If I don’t feel like waiting for the mail, I’ll just silicone my yoyo. With the way I play, both wear about the same rate.


Never tried snowtires, but flowable silicone is as good as it gets in my book. What more do you ask for in response? Continually tight binds and long life span? FS delivers.


This may not mean anything to anyone but when I heat the yoyos to cure the powder coat, snow tires fall out the easiest after they cool.