What is your favorite response?

My favorite response is CLYW Snow Tires.

Firm IrPads or flowable silicone if I have the time.


Flowable or clear rtv in a clyw groove. I kinda wish all yoyos had that groove. I am warming up to snow tires though. It simplifies things.

Anybody tried the aqua coloured snow tyres?


whatever clear silicone sealant is on sale at the hardware store :wink:

They came in the Summit I believe and I have not tried normal Snow Tires so I do not know what to compare them to:P

SnowTires. Got a few pairs of the green ones but haven’t tried them yet either so i can’t compare.

Not this thread again.

That’s technically a response, just not one that goes in a yoyo. I would have to go with flow groove.

Let’s make a new thread to put all the threads to sleep.

Favorite Style (1a, 2a…):
Favorite Diameter:
Favorite Width:
Favorite Gap Width:
Favorite Shape:
Favorite Material:
Favorite String:
Favorite Lobster:
Favorite Brand:
Favorite Color(way):
Favorite Yoyo:
Favorite Packing Material:
Favorite Bearing:
Favorite Lube:
Favorite Response:
Favorite Counterweight:
Favorite Color Counterweight:
Favorite Case:

Am I missing anything?

Answers are in quote.

Snow Tires or YYF CBC natural pads

baz-pads or thin dif-pads