CLYW snow tires standard vs aqua neep help


I been having a little problem with my chief lately about the response snow tires.
It came with the standard snow tires (white) and I already have had this yoyo for about a month and I’m pretty sure the pads already broke in.
The problem is that I feel that the response is too grippy or snaggy.
Like when I do a basic chopsticks mount it grabs and come right back and hitting my hard hard,and sometimes it barley grabs and it starts slowing down quickly and stops,(I’m 90% sure that yoyoers have experienced this before or know what I mean.)
Also when I try to do a cool or fancy bind it grabs way too much and then my next thow I do the string tangles up and then I have to throw it a few time so it untangles.I know that everyone and every yoyo does this but I feel that this yoyos response is too much for my liking.
Is it a good Idea to get the aqua snow tires instead or is it worse than the stardard ones.
I can deal with it without complaining too much but I just want to know if i can change that minor problem.
So is it a good Idea to get the aqua snow tires instead?


Not sure why CLYW would make Aqua Tires if they were worse :stuck_out_tongue: I feel the Aqua Tires are much more consistent and last longer. In the long run, if you don’t like’em , its not a lot of money lost, right? I say go for’em!


The problem is actually your bearing. Clean it. If you add lube, use only one tiny pin drop. Too much lube can make a yoyo responsive. If the problem persists, replace the bearing.

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I find that the white snow tires are very grabby. The aquas are pretty much perfect in my opinion. They don’t snag but give nice tight response. They will feel so much nicer compared to the normal ones.


Can these things fit In c3 yoyos? (MO-tivation, etc.) Or could I just use regular response pads I stead of their custom pads?


It’s not the bearing I know how lubing and cleaning works for yoyo bearing and I know It’s not that.
I even changed the beaing with different ones and it’s not that at all but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Okay. That’s weird though, because it shouldn’t be that grippy if the response is broken in; and the problems you described can also be bearing related.


what I mean about broken in is that the binds aren’t as grippy as they were when the yoyo was brand new.
I’m not saying that then are worn down enough to see a very huge difference but the yoyo has been played long enough to say it has worn down a little.The binds it give me are overall good but sometimes it feels that it can be too grippy.
The yoyo is completely unresponsive so I don’t think it’s the bearing.
I’m looking for a consistent type of response pads for my chief so are the aqua pads a good choice?

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Yeah. Aqua pads are just as good as silicone.