Ways to break in response faster?

I put new aqua snow tires in my Summit, and even after like a week of play, the response is really slowing the yoyos spin down and even causing vibe. I don’t know what to do. I just took out the old ones and put the new ones in, and i think they might be sticking out a little, so how can i get them worn down faster?

Was there any sticker residue in the recess when you put them in? a lot of the time the old stickers leave adhesive in the recess and that has to be cleaned out before you put new ones in.

If not, then laying a bunch of string layers in the gap and letting the yoyo spin down and stop over and over would be the fastest way I could think of.

No there wasn’t any. That’s why I’m unsure why they are sticking out…

I’ll try that. Thanks.

My aqua snow tires were like that too it caused bad vibe when the string rubbed. Just keep playing them, they’ll wear down.

Ok thanks


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To add to that make sure you use a flat bearing

rub jeans on the response

Tried that. Didn’t do much. Maybe I should do it longer…

Try a good week or so of play (depending on how much you throw of course). Hopefully you will break in the response.

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