CLYW Sasquatch response issue?

Hey guys New to the forum and only been back to Yoyo about a month. Decided to get a CLYW sasquatch and it likes to spontaneously respond and smack me right in the knuckles and for those who know its slightly heavier so it hurts! I’ve changed the bearing to one drop 10 bearing and switched snow tires to flowable which has helped a little but still having problems with it in the middle of tricks. Its making it hard for me to like the yoyo as much as i want to. Anyone have any advice? i was thinking maybe shims? Would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance. Also im using SC g strings

Did you recess the silicone? Snow tires are definitely terrible in the Sasquatch, but silicone should be fine if done right. That said it still takes time to break in, you can speed up the process by rubbing the response on your jeans or something. At the end of the day even the best players get surprise binds, especially with lots of layers or things like GTs, just takes practice.

yes i did recess it and im glad someone else agrees about the snow tires

Really sounds to me like it’s at least partially a bearing issue. I usually find that response-specific problems are noticeable when you are actually attempting to bind. Either it’ll be really quick and unpredictable on the return, or will make slippy and unreliable binds.

But for a yoyo to respond in the middle of a trick usually requires a slow bearing on top of this. The string has to start twisting around the bearing for the response to even have any effect. I guess the only exception being tricks that have tons of string in the gap.

Either way, I’d at least try to rule out a bearing problem if you have more bearings to try. But silicone is usually pretty responsive until it works in, as has been said.

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The snow tires are fine. There is nothing wrong with them. The issue you’re having is that they are flush with the gap. With the Chief the response groove is a little bit deeper (recessed) so that problem isn’t there with it.

I found though that after a couple days/weeks of play with a recessed pad and a flat bearing you start to notice a tiny thud. So that is why I decided to make them flush. Plus Petr brought to my attention that he prefers Center Trac bearings in his CLYWs and the binds aren’t that good when using them in a Chief that has a recessed groove. That is why the Petr Kavka edition Chief has flush pads in it.

It usually takes a couple days to break in the snow tires on the Sasquatch. Just need to swap strings a lot. If you’re not into that sort of thing, Swap the flat bearing with a Center Trac or you’re favourite concave or grooved bearing. That will do the trick. I just did that to my Sasquatch today and even though I felt it was fine before, I noticed a nice difference afterwards.

I’m doing some R&D now to see if a wider gap and flush pads will do the trick.

Sorry this is frustrating for you and a bit confusing.

On the bright side, we’ll be switching the bearings in all of our $150+ throws starting with the 3rd run of the Arctic Circle.


Or really sloppy play. That tends to be the cause of a lot of problems.

Wait, like string-centering bearings? Ick.

I think that you just need to keep playing it and give the response a chance to break in. Though i always prefer silicone, the snow tires worked just fine in it for me. They are a bit snaggy for the first day or two though. Same goes for flowable silicone, even WITH a recess.
That being said; whenever i install flowable silicone in a yoyo, i use a Center-trac bearing for the duration of the silicone break-in period. I find it reduces the chances of swollen knuckles and frustration. I play the yoyo extensively with the centertrac installed until it is broken in, then switch it out to the bearing of my preference. I find that it keeps the string away from the silicone just enough that you don’t have those snagging issues.

I have also had problems with that on my new arctic circle… :frowning: it’s gotten a little better but still pretty jumpy and likes to give me black eyes :smiley:

The snow tires are a bit grabby when new but will break in a bit after a week or two of play. Also to prevent this, I like to run the bearing dry. In my opinion, it spins better dry. I know it wont last as long but Id rather by a new bearing every year than get black eyes all the time :). I have a nice scar above my right eye from the first time a lubed a bearing. Been running dry or ceramics every since.

What Chris said about changing strings could be key too.

No matter what kind of throw I’m using… if the string is kinda old… it’s gonna start to snag and be a bit “jumpy” on me no matter what - but especially in the middle of a trick.

I’d try to go for the simplest fix first!

Thank you for the advice ill just keep playing with it and hope it gets better… ill just keep it simple for a while to break it in