SUPER responsive sasquatch

So my 2 week old Sasquatch is super resposive so if I tug it it comes’s not the bearing cuz it’s broken in already and wen I called yye they said play it for a week and if it still is send it back. Well it’s been a week and it’s still responsive there’s a hole in the silicone so I think that’s the prob any advice

yep yep… a chunk missing out of your silicone response would make it bite like a rabid dog. Definitely re-silicone it. The groove is really deep and super easy to do. Also remove your bearing shields and make sure there’s no debris in there. maybe give your bearing a bath in mineral spirits and you should be all set.

A hole in your silicone wouldn’t do it. Plus, unless it has a major manufactoring flaw, the only way it could be responsive is because of the bearng or response. I’d desheild the bearing and clean it, then give it some more time.

@ M2: I totally agree that most likely it’s a dirty bearing. You don’t think the “hole” in the silicone would make it grabby? depending on the size of the hole. I’m not assuming it’s just an air pocket.

@ Dingo: Could we see a pic of the mysterious hole in your response?

If I may offer a peace of advice. I would do a swap out on the bearing. (If you got another c bearing throw!) Then you can see how much of it is the throw and how much of it is the Bearing. It is possible that something got in the bearing, or it is possible that there is a ding in bearing around the track. Such a ding allow the yoyo to spin, but gives you the response of an old school Duncan Butterfly. "Holes in CLYW throws are common in the “air bubble” variety and that should be fine. I know that my marmot took a fair amount of time to break in first so keep in mind these throw do require some break in time.

I tell you whut, tho. I’ve only re-siliconed my sasquatch once and it’s still going and going. I love the CLYW recess. I wish they were all like that.