SASQUATCH in a nutshell.

Well after 3 days of waiting my Sasquatch has finally made it home! This is my first review so please bear with me.

Diameter->55.6mm/2.19 inches
Width->43.0mm/1.70 inches
Gap width-> 4.14mm/.14inches
Weight->68.2 grams
Bearing size-> Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response->Flowable Silicone

This was my first taste of what CLYW was all about and boy was I missing out! It came packaged in the usual CLYW box with the Sasquatch art and nest paper inside along with yellow string.

I fell in love with the Sasquatches design, its similar to the Gnarwhal just bigger. Its V-shaped gap makes catching tricks and hops a walk in the park. The surface and texture is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and the Speckles really give it character, guys it will attract the ladies! ;]

Response and bearing
The Response system is flawless, they did an amazing job with the flowable silicone. It doesn’t give me snappy binds just clean nice tugs and as it comes back it’s a if its asking for another go. The bearing out of the box was very quiet and correct me if im wrong but im almost sure its a 8 ball bearing,size C.

Smooth as butter and follows where you lead it, doesn’t try to move ahead and hits the string very nicely. It isn’t a real floaty yoyo but it definitely gets the job done, I find this yoyo to be outstanding with body combos,finger/arm/thumbgrinds. My favorite thing about the Sasquatch is its stability, with every throw and every sort of trick I’d put it through such as spirit bombs,ladder escapes and a few other tricks of my own it would not tilt and keep going.

Final thoughts
Although I may not have spent as much time with the Sasquatch I like where its taking me. I highly recommend this to players and competitors who don’t mind bigger or heavier yoyos for its stability and feel makes up for it. If your a fan of lightweight pocket sized yoyos then the Sasquatch probably isn’t for you but it would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

i didnt have the same experience exactly… My sasquatch came super responsive and there is a huge whole in the silicone!!! :’( i play it all the time for last 3 weeks and still it super responsive

Dam sounds like a manufacture error, :frowning: why didnt you send it back ???

im going to on monday :wink:

Just re-sili. That’s what I did. the recess on one half of mine wasn’t recessed enough, and it was semi-responsive. I just re-sili’d w/ RTV. Works like a charm.

ive tried re siling yoyos … not my thing. and id rather not risk ruining it an just send it back

I would bet that it is the bearing. Have you swapped it out with a C bearing from a favorite yoyo. Try this, and just play it for like 5 minutes. If the yoyo plays great then you just need to clean out the Sasquatch’s bearing. If it does still snag with a perfect bearing then you got a silicone problem.

Alot of people have been experiencing this, apparently. I being one. I just sili’d mine w/ RTV. Worked fine :slight_smile:

Here’s a video I made