NEW Sasquatch Review


(This is my first review so feedback is appreciated.)

With the new Sasquatch, CLYW has widened the yoyo by just under a millimeter and given it a slightly more modern shape. The specs are here on YoYo Expert so I will not belabor myself into them.

Boxing and other stuff:
It comes with the traditional brown cardboard box with the box art included. Inside you will find the yoyo, the confetti-ish packaging, and a string to go along with it.

How does it play?
Out of the box it is mildly responsive as is natural to brand new yoyos. Apart from that, it is SO stable and long spinning. The yoyo has a flat rim that tapers into a v-shape body. It is slimmer than a Bonfire which will make it easier to hit those precision tricks where hitting only one string is necessary. The finish and anodizing is standard, it can grind well for transitions but not as good as a bead blasting. This yoyo is not fast nor is it slow but it has a steady flow to it.

I will update this post as necessary.


I don’t understand your first sentence. Before the Sasquatch was released it had seen little manufacturing?

The review is okay but terse. You should add pics and more details if possible. Also, try to be objective when reviewing a yo-yo. I see a lot of fanboyism in many reviews, probably because people tend to think whatever they have is just awesome. Your review seems pretty objective but I’d avoid statements like “it is something that can handle what you throw at it.” It’s vague, doesn’t really add anything to the review, and sounds kind of fanboyish.

Also, it helps to use formatting tools like different font sizes, centering certain things, bolding certain things, etc. For ideas about what to include in a review check the sticky, and you can check out my Sturm Panzer review for ideas on how to use pics and formatting tools. You don’t need to be that detailed, as it took me many hours to write that, but you’ll get better responses the more you put into a review.

This is just my personal take. Others may disagree. Keep writing reviews though. I think everyone appreciates the effort. Most people here just don’t do it enough . I’m working on one now but it’s going to take a while.


Great review, and great input from Shai. Really enjoying my new Sasquatch, despite it being a little bit of a dated design.

Which colorway did you get?