snaggy sasquatch.

So I just got my new john bot edition sasquatch today, I really like it except for one thing. It has these white pads for response instead of flowable. I’m guessing they are CLYW’s new snow tires. It’s really irritating cause whenever I try to POP out of any triangle related tricks (which are my favorite) it responds and bashes my knuckles. I know its not my technique because I can do them fine on any other throw. It’s getting really irritating cause I can’t do my favorite tricks on my new throw. Has anyone else experienced this? I was thinking about ripping them out and putting in flowable. Or should I wait til they are broke in more and see if it stops? Suggestions anyone?

Like you said you may need to just wait till they break in a bit. It could be the pads breaking in and the bearing at the same time who knows. You should try playing it some more and if it doesn’t behave silicone it. C=

It should eventually stop. but it might take a bit. It’s up to you whether you want to take out the pads or not. Personally I’d probably just wear them down a bit until they’re unresponsive.
could also be the bearing though. Give it like an hour or two of play, then see if it’s still responding. If it still is, I’d probably clean the bearing. Then if it’s still responsive after that, change to flowable.

No its not the bearing. I swapped it for a ten ball. It’s just whenever the string is brushing the pad that it responds. It fully unresponsive otherwise.

Yep, you just have to play wih your Yoyo some more…giggity

Just bought some yoyojam lube giggity LOL