CLYW Snowtires


CLYW has two types of Snowtires, What is the difference between the blue and white pads? Does one bind tighter than the other? Does one last longer?


The general census is that the aqua tires are better than the regular white tires. The search bar is your best friend :wink:


The aqua ones feel less grippy out of the box and take less time to break in.


I’ve only tried the aqua ones. There really good. But where I buy stuff, they dont have em :frowning: so I just use yoyofactory natural pads.


Im sure the aqua pads are great. there are some people that say that its harder to break in and some say they don’t. But if you want to break pads in faster you can always rub denim on the pads to wear them down a little.


I’ve tried both. I had white ones (stock) in my BvM2, and they are grippy, but honestly, they’re just fine. Aqua seems more relaxed and not as eager to grip the string, but they give very nice, right binds. I will have to try Aqua in my BvM2 or white in my Summit, to see how the play compares in the same yoyo. I would probably recommend the Aqua, but they’re isn’t anything really wrong with the White! :slight_smile:


I thought the snow tyres grooves were deeper so you couldn’t use normal pads?


I know right. I wish more yoyos utilize this response. I feel that snow tires are one of the best response I had experienced.


Yeah, you’re correct, you can’t use other pads instead of Snow Tires. Like you said, the groove is too deep.