Snow Tire Question

What is the difference between aqua and normal snow tires?

The color.

i think there is a bigger reason than color…

I thought that the aqua give a little more response while still being less snaggy than the white.

White is snaggier and more… Rough…? IMO.

Aqua is smooth, chill, and doesn’t snag as easily or as much. I’ve tried both and I can’t tell which I prefer, but most people seem to like the Aqua better. I think they’re more broken in right out of the box, whereas you have to break in the white yourself.

I got a pair of the Aqua pads when I got my BvMr2 included in the purchase. I haven’t tried them yet. They are still in the box.

Congrats on 9000 posts Studio! Anyway, I think the aquas are made from a different compound. I think a guy from c3 made them?

Aqua Pads are harder and not quite as grippy so they last longer while White Snow Tires are more grippy giving you better response but for a shorter period of time.

My white ones lasted about 3 months and my new aqua pair has lasted about 2 months and the look brand new.

Oh and the white ones are just C3 pads in the snow tire size.