Blue CLYW Pads

Does anybody know where you can get the blue CLYW pads? I don’t know if CLYW ever made them, I heard they were made for Jensen Kimmitt. They are the best pads I have ever used and I need to buy some! I will try and find a picture online soon.

They have “aqua” pads made. They’re going to be running them as stock now in most throws I believe. I asked Jensen on Instagram if you can buy them as individuals like you can do with regular white snow tires but got no reply. I think they will show up in the near future for single purchase :smiley:

Permatex Blue Gasket Maker. Try that lol

I read somewhere that CLYW will also be including a complimentary set with each sale from the CLYW store. I’ll let you know when I get my next order from them soon here!

On the Caribou Blog they posted that for now all yoyos purchased from their store will come with white Snow Tires installed, and come with an extra aqua pair.
It’s the 3rd post from the top:

Yup, I got a pair with the Fools Gold Ava (vibe-enhanced!) I just received.

On the topic of cool clyw stuff i saw a thing about clyw buttons/pins any info?

i was looking at getting one of those. how bad is the vibe?

its definitely there. I picked up a pair, with the idea to swap halves (black/orange). At first, I fiddled with the axles in each solid color. I was able to tune out a good bit of vibe. Then I swapped halves, and played with the axles a little more. One was better than the other. I swapped halves yet again, and I think I’ve got them tuned fairly well. One is better than the other, and depending on my throw, the vibe is virtually non-existent. The other one isn’t too bad either, but on a sloppy toss, the vibe will pulse right up the string.

Still, they’re awesome, and the engraving on this round is pretty sweet!

Maybe i got lucky but mine is smooth

yeah mine isn’t that bad at all. i put a ten ball and it helped a lot. on a great throw, it is smooth.
i was wondering what the blue pads were. cant wait to use them.

Oh sweet, thanks guys!

I got some aqua pads with my FG ava.

Chris from CLYW threw in a pair with the BvMR2 I got at CalStates. I think he was doing that with all the yoyos he was selling that day.

I guess you didnt notice, but this was necro’d for no reason. But I think all CLYW comes with them now, and summits have them stock

Same here. On a good throw or after a grind it’s smooth as glass (without the bearing noise I wouldn’t know it was spinning). On a slightly worse throw there’s a little fuzziness around the edges if you look closely at it, but nothing that could ever bother me.

I’ve played a few FG Avas from the current run. All I’m gonna say is that the amount of vibe in them to me was not something I’d even bother to waste time talking about, they were that good. I would only notice it if I were to obsess about it and do the fingernail test thing. Half price for a miniscule amount of vibe? I’ve played yoyos costing MORE being called A-grades with way more vibe!

A little vibe doesn’t bother me. These have less than a little vibe. Like, almost no vibe.

All I will say is I wish CLYW would put some of their cool graphics on their A-grades. I do like having “identifying markings” that tell me the make and model of my stuff. Then again, I’m getting “old” and I can’t remember everything in my growing collection.

Everyone that got a Summit got a button that said OneDropxCaribouLodge. They might make more.

At PNWR, they had a box FULL of these things. Chris gave me a pair along with the 28 Stories Avalanche I bought.

I bought like 20 from Chris at PNWR. They are so much better than the regular snow tires. I used to just rip out the Snow tires and apply silicone when I got a new CLYW. These are really good though. I really hope he sends some to YYE.