Blue CLYW Pads

Other than some colorways that don’t really taking engraving that well, I fully support this idea of more cool graphics. Out of perfectly mercenary self interest. :wink:


How much was he selling them for? I didn’t really pay attention to the blue pads and I already have a pair of snow tires.

I’m really excited for these aqua pads, I have grown to greatly dislike regular white Snow Tires, and just replace them with silicone or IrPads as soon as a I get a new CLYW.

I for one LOVE the IR Pads in my CLYW. I have them in both my Chief’s and my Avalanche and Puffin too. I love them!!! BTW the Aqua Pads are being sold on YYE now. They are called “green” though… I will be excited to try them as well!!! They look great!

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What kind of Ir pads do you guys use? I have never tried them before so Im curious about how the different textures affect play

I just use the “normal” ones…

Same. Interestingly enough, I’ve had mixed results. When i put them in my Avalanche, they take about a month or two to break in. But, in my chief, I put them in and they were broken in in a few hours.

will my 7075 chief come with em?

Well that makes sense as the Avalanche has a smaller gap and the Chief has a recessed gap too… Just takes more time on the Avalanche…

No the 7075 will come with regular snow tires…

My friend just got a Saskatoon Blizzard 7075 Chief, and his came with Regular whites installed, and an extra pair of aquas.


thank you I had no idea they were for sale :slight_smile: I’ll have to pick 2 pairs of these for my cliff and some hat pads for my majesty with my OneStar :slight_smile:

He was selling them for two bucks a set. So I just dropped a 20$ and called it good.

Nice. I’m gonna pick up a few aqua sets along with some more IrPads next YYE order. They look really nice. Are they more grippy than the regular whites?

I was unaware that there was a difference in the performance of the aqua and white snow tires. I have been having some trouble with the response on my FG Ava (might be the bearing though, no sure). Would you recommend that I pop the white one’s out and replace them with the aqua ones? Sorry if I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to response pads.

The Avalanche has a pretty narrow gap… In my experience Snow Tires can be a bit slippy… You might want to try a thicker string. Fat Kitty String is now the CLYW “standard” string of choice. That might help you out. Not quite sure it is the bearing… Can you provide some more info on that?

What are the problems you’re having with the FG Ava? I’ve played a bunch and I haven’t had a problem with any of them. A couple of guys asked me to clean out the bearings, which improved things, but as I said, there were no problems initially in my opinion.

Let’s find out your symptoms first. I am leaning towards your play and throw, but that’s usually where I start because that’s where most of my problems are. I also find if I use a thicker string, like thick metz, with my less than perfect throw, I have problems with yoyos shooting back at me from time to time.

If you were near me, I’d say swing by and let me check it out for you, and if you want, clean the bearing anyways if you wanted it done. Since you’re right there when I’m doing it, you can see what I’m doing every step of the way.

When I pulled it out of the box and started throwing, the response and bearing were perfect after a few combos. A few days later, though, it started to get slightly responsive. Sometimes it would be dead unresponsive, on other throws the string would start to wrap around the axle when I popped it up, slowing it down but not returning. I cleaned out my bearing the standard way, the put it back in. I figured it would go back to being dead unresponsive after the lube broke in (I used valve oil, like I usually do when cleaning bearings). However, it didn’t. So I threw in the bearing of my old Northstar, which had the same problem but slightly less severe and that worked for a while. Then I decided to clean both of them again and tried both of them, but same problem. The original bearing got even worse, becoming completely tug-responsive. I have a feeling the problem originated somewhere in my cleaning process, but I don’t know exactly. The string I use is regular YYE poly. I’d venture to say I have a pretty good throw, and I tested my response by throwing a strong throw then tugging to see if the string wrapped at all.

oxymoron. -_-

Jensen wasn’t always at CLYW. But yes, more likely than not that is quite a contradiction.