CLYW Snow Tires.

Alright I’m just gonna sum this up very quickly.
These pads are REMARKABLE!
I replaced my CLYW campfires stock silicon response pads for a pair of these snow tires and immediately felt a difference in play.
Binds of all sorts came easier and thumb starts returned faster.
In case you weren’t aware these pads will fit in any ‘large bearing’ CLYW model.
They fit like a glove and take no more then a few seconds to install.
Peel and stick it into the groove to replace the response and VOILA!
I highly recommend these pads for anyone who is in need of replacing their response pads for any large bearing CLYW yo-yo.
$4.00 seems very fair for these pads, I’ve been using my campfire for a few weeks with these bad boys and I see no signs of wear.
Well I can keep talking about these pads but I know that they’ll speak for themselves once you have em installed. :]

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Wish I had a clyw so I can try these. They sound awesome

When you first get and install them, they are not as great as you imagine. However, once yoy play with it for about 10-15 hrs they break in and become amazing. Like it better than flowable silicone.

They are pretty awesome.

I agree, I put snow tires in my gnarwhal and it plays smoother than it ever did with the stock silicone! They do require some break in time, as on a bad throw at first they really slow the yoyo down, but after a couple days of play the are UTTERLY AMAZING!!! I would also recommend them to anyone who needs to replace their CLYW response.

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Thanks, been wanting a review on these, was wondering how great they were. :slight_smile: Now i Know