CLYW and OD Response

Are CLYW throws only compatible with snow tires and silicone? Can I use slim pads on them? And do OD throws only use Flow Groove pads?

Best I know, the answers are pretty much yes.

There are I think IrPads that fit CLWY’s though. Check the YYE store. Otherwise, Snow Tires, the new Aqua pads and flowable are your guaranteed best options.

With One Drop, flowable and Flow Groove pads. Not sure if there are third-party options. I think there are a few other yoyos that use Flow Groove pads as well but I may be wrong on this.

The new G- Grips are the same diameter so they will fit but are thinner than Snow tires so the will have a bigger recess. Also has anyone noticed the Aqua Snow tires new Are two thick?