888 or wooly marmot?

Which one do you prefer and why? What are the pros and cons of both??

i personally like the marmot. It is as smooth as butter, and has amazing grinds. You probally want to put a kk in, the stock is pretty responsive(not very, but 1/3 times comes back on grinds)

THe wooly marmot is slightly responsive??? Will it come back up if you tug on it when it is sleeping??

nope totally unresponsive only sometimes on grinds.


kind of an old topic but it is the bearing that comes stock with the marmot making it slightly grippy/ responsive, also the new snow track pads clyw uses don’t recess like flow-able silicone. I love my wooly tho, just take the caps off the bearing clean it and run it dry and open once the silicone pads break in it will play dead unresponsive. or just buy a ceramic bearing and put in flow-able silicone so it has a slight recess in the silicone worked wonders for my marmot

Wooly Marmot.

I would say the 888 but to me it’s a yo-yo with gimmicks just to make it sell (hubstacks)

I would also say wooly marmot, kinda responsive like they said so get a kk.

eight8eight is better.

I don’t think you have tried a marmot

I’ve tried 4 of them. They were all pretty “Meh”.

888’s are more stable and fun.

Do you use hub stacks a lot?

Me? I use hubstacks not very often, but I keep them on for the weight. 09 888 <3

it’s personal preference, neither is better than the other.
the only 888s I’ve tried were a small bearing 08 888 and an 888x
only marmot I’ve tried is the new one (63.7 gram one)

I’d say I like my marmot better, but it’s really not as amazing as I was anticipating. the 888 is a bit more stable I’d say, but doesn’t play as smooth/floaty as a marmot.

Yea, 'cause I love solid throws.