do you agree on this?

Ok i know i am being annoying but i want to ask you.about something my friend has a wooly marmot and i played it and i felt as if this yoyo was made for me. anyway it is retired and i want to get something similar to it, and i think the 888x is a little similar or am i wrong? please make your recommendation available here at yoyoexpert and thnx alot i appreciate it

They show up used on BST from time to time.

Otherwise, there’s really not much in my opinion that really compares to it. Maybe try more yoyos. Maybe try a Puffin.

i dont actually know how a marmot plays… and i dont know how a 888 plays… but i wouldnt expect a lot from a 888x… from all i hear they arent too great… cant imagine they are on the same level… but again thats just from things i heard

the 888x gets a lot of flack, and I’m not sure why. It was my friend’s first high end metal, and it’s a great player. I think the main reason is because of the big name and reputation the 08 888 built up, people were expecting some ultimate throw. Regardless, the two don’t really play very similar.

Marmots will pop up in the b/s/t from time to time as others have said. I’m not sure if chris has any plans for making more runs of them in the future, but that’s also a possibility. As far as something that plays like it, I can’t really think of much. It’s kind of an undersized peak, but peaks are even harder to find. I would think your best bet for a similar throw is a puffin, or just trying different throws and finding what you like.

BSTs were your marmots at bro…

I have tried the 888x and I didn’t care for it. I couldn’t really find anything wrong with it other than it really didn’t fit well for me. This is how most yoyos I don’t like are: nothing wrong with them, great models(normally) but not a good fit for me.

Preferences are what they are. I don’t question others’ preferences. They know best for themselves.