What is similar in size/shape to an 888, but less in price?

I apologize if there is a topic like this already.

The title really says it all.

I was fortunate enough to be able to try an M1 and 888 the other day, and found that I adore the 888’s more round shape then that of the M1, but I loved the size of both (I may even prefer something a bit smaller).

I’d like some opinions from people who have tried out lots of different types of yoyos.

Any help would be great!

you might be able to get a b grade 888 on bst. fools gold peaks are selling on clyyw.com

Maybe the dv888?
Its a bit cheaper than an 888 and plays very well.

Another option would be the Axiom.

If you are looking for a yoyo with stacks though, Bgrades are the way to go.

Good luck!



Peaks are kinda big though.

yeah they are kinda big, but like jayyo said, dv888 are the bomb! (they just are kinda hard to find)

YYF has some small bearing Dv888s going on though.

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I would reccomend the Axiom if you want something similar to the 888.

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Axiom looks like a good choice!

Thanks everyone.

Hopefully I’ll be able to try it out soon!

But please don’t stop posting ideas, I’d like to hear more opinions! :slight_smile:

The Axiom is very similar to the 888 in shape and size.

You can buy it here…
It will probably be restocking soon. If not, you can find one it BST.



You can see the Axiom used here…

It is a great yoyo. You should totally get one :wink:

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SuperStar. MABYE X-ConVict.

The Superstar is nowhere near the 888 in shape. It is also the same price.

Man, that green Dv888 is to DIE for. That should be for St.Patricks day. Hehe. ;D

Well I’m going to be getting an 888 from someone soon for $75 shipped cause of a few small scratches that are just fine so that’s even cheaper than an Axiom new. If I don’t like it I might sell it to you for that.


what color is it?

;D ;D ;D

It’s raw but looks a bit more darker gray than raw.

Yea, I’m getting a MINT aqua '09 888 from jayyo for $80 ($40 less than new) and if Apetrunk keeps his and I dont like the 888 I’ll sell you mine for the same price I bought it for. Unless you got some yoyos that I’m interested in… :P.

dv888 plays well, when i say well i mean AWESOME! Grinding, check. size, check. metal, check. spin times, check. wide gap, check, whatever you say, check.

On fire? Check? I don’t think that’s good. =P

I was going to get that one. It looks great.

So it looks like you’ll be able to find a relatively cheap 888 either from one of us or somebody else in the BST’s.