stryker vs wooly marmot vs gnarwhal

first does the wooly marmot grinds like the 888x or they are completly different? in play and grinds?

wich u guys would pick?

stryker,gnarwhal or wooly marmot?

I’ve played with a gnarwhal and it is great really smooth it is also bigger than the marmot and 888x

What are your preferences?

They’re completely different in play, but can both grind well.

i like big yoyos

and small heavy yoyos like the 888x

The gnarwhal is the yoyo for you

If you like the shape of the 888’s shape get the Marmot but if you like more of a H shape get the Gnarwhal

But IMO I would choose the Wooly Marmot