Getting a wooly marmot or gnarwhal. Which one?

Hey I’m trying to figure out of I should get a wooly marmot or a gnarwhal. Like smaller yoyos and like the shape of the genesis by yyf. I like arm and thumb grinding and like stable fast yoyos that are good and don’t hit you in the hand on green triangles.

I vote Gnarwhal. Although I haven’t tried the newer weight marmots.

I got one of the new runs of gnarwhal and marmot. The gnarwhal is probably longer sleeping and more stable, but the shape is a little weird. The marmot is dead smooth right out of the box, sleeps for just as much or almost as much time as the gnarwhal. It’s not as stable, but as I said, it is smoother. I’d cast my vote for marmot.

That is a tough comparison, but I’d say if your throw is you strong point go with the Gnarwhal. It has a shape that if you give it a good strong throw it stays more strait and true. If your more the kind of person who’s play style keeps it straight go with the Marmot it has a smooth feel that I haven’t found anywhere else. Also if want to do thumb grinds the Marmot has a better lip curve for catching on the thumb. But just as a final point the Gnarwhal was considered to be one of those must have yoyo’s. It seems like that yoyo has more hype behind it than any other yoyo I have ever seen which says a lot about it’s handling. Personally I’m glad I got both in my arsenal.

I have both the Gnar and marmot. The gnarwhal has a kind of weird shape that isn’t that comfortable, but it sleeps for longer and is more stable than the marmot. The gnarwhal is also a little less smooth than the marmot, and the thumb grinds aren’t as good. The marmot is an amazing throw. It’s dead smooth, but doesn’t sleep for quite as long as the gnar. It has a much better IRG, but is very tilty, so you have to keep it straight. All in all, I would go with the marmot, but look at what I said and decide for yourself. One thing I would recommend with both is deshield both bearings, dip a needle into some thin lube and touch the tip of the needle to a ball in the bearing. It makes them much better.

Marmot all the way. But it’s personal prefence. Gnarwhal has a bit more of a solid feel to it. marmot is fast and floaty…and oh so smooth. Marmot is my favorite throw atm. So glad i got it. I almost bought a gnarwhal but I got a LB bassalope instead of it. They seemed pretty similar and I dug the bassalope shape a little more. Personally I like the shape of the gnarwhal, I think it’s rather comfy and makes for some awesome strong throws. But the marmot is so good, I love it. fast floaty, flops like a beast. Honestly I havent had too much trouble with stability, but u can defentally tell it’s a little less stable than the other clyw just from playing it.