Gnarwal or Wooly?

Hi i’ve been haveing trouble deciding on which yoyo to get.
The two yoyos i’ve narowed down to is the (title).
Those two i’ve heard great thing about.
But the only think bothering me is play and feel.
So if theres a review for it please post it here so i can read it/hear it
or maybe a comparison to another yoyo that has a similar shape
or something.

Thank you

Gnarwhal. Wooly is too unstable for my taste

Looking for help/Recommendation would be a better place to put this :wink:

-more stable than wooly
-longer sleeping than wooly

-less smooth than wooly
-less comfortable

Wooly Marmot:
-dead smooth
-more comfortable than Gnarwhal

-much less stable than Gnarwhal
-sleeps for less long than Gnarwhal

The wooly marmot is butterfly and undersized, while the gnarwhal is v/h-shaped and between under and full-sized. If I had to choose, I would go with the Wooly Marmot, but it all depends on what size and shape you want.