Wooly Marmot or Gnarwhal


i just don’t know which to choose. Which do you think is better, Gnarwhal or Wooly Marmot?


What shape do you like?




Well narwhal is more angular marmot is rounded.


I have both. I couldn’t decide. Both are awesome.


It’s funny because I remember doing a review on both of these throws.
In my opinion, I loved the Gnar over the Marmot just due to it’s overall
performance. More competition level than the Marmot Some may disagree/agree.
They both were great though. Small things made me decide on it like,
spin time/stability is better, horizontal tricks are better due to the shape.
It just suits me a lot better, plus, I like bigger throws. All on preference
but as for me, I like the Gnarwhal.


I don’t throw my wooly marmot that much mostly since it’s mint in the box. The gnarwal is always out and available(and has scratches, it was purchased used). But, even so, if I had to state a preference, I would go Gnarwal. But, both are great. All about the preferences. I also prefer the gnarwal over my BVM, which I also throw a lot. But, I like my Avalanche more than both.