Gnarwhal Or Bear Vs. Man?


Which one is better in your opinion. I want to buy one of them


I don’t own either one but Bear vs Man weighs slightly more according to the specs. It also looks cooler in my opinion.

They both also have the same general shape.


I have both. I find myself going for the gnarwal more. Just my preferences. Both are fantastic.


I own the Bear vs Man and have played the Gnarwhal. You can’t co wrong with either one. The gnarwhal is great for smoother and not speed tricks. If you want to go fast or smooth the Bear vs Man provides both pretty well. I find that the gnarwhal is definitely more floaty, but I am lenient to the BvM.


Could you kind of give it a rest with the ilyy trvth? It ain’t for sale anymore, and they rarely come up on BST. On top of that the original poster hasn’t expressed an interest in that. So, please stay on topic.