Wooly Markmont?


Are all of them nickel plated??? I’ve seen some REALLY shiny ones and got confused :o


All that I’ve seen are nickel plated. Some people polish the nickel to give it that shine.


I don’t think every single one was plated, I have seen a few soda blasted ones pop up on the BST, but those might not have been from the factory.


are you sure it was a Woolymarkmont and not a markmont next? Markmont next had some soda blasted.

I’m fairly certain that every one was nickle plated from the factory. Some are shinier than others because of the amount of use, and whether or not the owner waxed it.


None of them were done soda clear.

All of them are nickel except for one that we have in our collection that was custom anodized by Vendetta. If you come visit us, you can see it :slight_smile:


I have a prototype that is soda blasted, no ano. So nice :smiley:

(Owen) #7

Chris makin us all jealous