Show off your Nickel Plated Yoyos Thread!

I dont have any sadly but Im curious to see some Nickel Plated collections…

So I was looking at some diff collections, 28 stories collection, hulk smash collection. One that I am quite surprised that I havent seen yet is a Nickel Plated collection, there has to be some people that have them, I was thinking about possibly collecting the Nickel plated One Drops then I realized that I have none of them and there were more models than I previously thought.

So are these all the Nickel Plated One Drop Yoyos? Lmk if there are more…

Markmont Project
Markmont Next
Wooly Markmont
Code 1
Cafe Racer
Code 2
Format C
Benchmark O, V, H

I know there are some special editions of non One Drops like “Nickel plated Chief” but I think I got all of them on this list…

Lets see what you got!! I will post pictures if I ever get any Nickel plated yoyos, so far I dont own any!

Nickel is my favorite finish especially when it’s blasted. I have a Code 1.

Lets see it! :slight_smile:

Quality sucks

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Nice!! Too bad I dont have any but maybe other people will post some pics? =)

I know others have them.

Here’s a not very recent pic of my nickels…there’s been a number of additions to the set…I really do need a updated nickel family portrait…

Can you name these?


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WOW!!! THERE IT IS! Someone with an awesome Nickel plated collection. I will try and fail miserably at naming them…

Top: Wooly Markmont? Markmont Next?
2nd: Looks like 2 Projects to me!
3rd: Cafe Racer, Markmont Next, Project 2
4th: 54, Dang, Yelets, Y-Factor, Burnside, Code 1?

Tried doing it without looking anything up on google, Im sure pretty much all of them are wrong! A profile shot would have helped me get a few more of them I bet!

Cant wait to see your “updated nickel collection” That collection looks really sweet already!!

Ps: Your Pacman machine?? That would be really awesome if it was! =)


Yfactor, Yfactor

Cafe Racer, Markmont Next, Markmont Project

54, Code 1, Dang, P2, Burside, Dang

You don’t want that cafe racer right? I could take it off your hands. :wink: hahaha

Close, very close, but not quite perfect…!


The second Yfactor is actually a M1.

Now finish fixing the bottom line…


So, 3 years, and this happened.

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The “Dang” is actually a Dietz

Oh, what? I actually knew that, they don’t even look similar.

Hahah, I wonder how many I actually got right. I was trying to go from memory and not look on google or anything. Dont use mine as a reference!

Does that tarnish always happen? Or you can prevent it by polishing? Do you need a special kind of cream or something when you polish it or just a cloth? With some water or dry?

I only looked up the M1. I thought I wrote Dietz, I must have been thinking ahead.

No, that tarnish doesn’t always happen. I used some brass polish on my old nickel Summit before giving it away. I used a Dish towel and Brass Polish, nothing else.