Show off your Nickel Plated Yoyos Thread!

Needed to update the nickel family portrait. The last one was a little dated…



I just ordered some brass spikes, they’re going to look really nice in my Code 1.

That is a very nice display of Nickel Plates Dirty Birdy…

Well Done !!

beautiful. Gotta love nickel

Thats awesome man!! Im getting some Brass Spikes w my Summit that should be shopping tomorrow, its not Nickel, its Pink I think and beat but $35 with alu and brass spikes I cant pass over that! hahah

Not exactly a collection, but these are the 2 nickels I have.

First is a Nickel OneDrop CafeRacer (my most recent acquisition). Second is a Ghost Edition DMII with nickel plated rims. I love the nickel finish!