Show Off Your Nickel Yo-Yos!!


I know I’m not the only one who likes them…

Another angle…

A few One Drop MarkMont Next, OD Dietz, OD YFactor, OD Dingo, YoyoJam SR-71 and Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist.

I love looking at yo-yos, so show me some eye candy!!


I’ve only got 2 right now.

Ni Burnside and a Gen-yo Magnum



Totalartist. I SOOOOO BADLY wish I had that Ni SR-71. So NICE!

And I know this isn’t Nickel, But It is plated.


^ Nice pics, thanks for posting. Yeah, that SR-71 is pretty cool, 8) and YYE still has plenty still in stock too. You have to put it on your list. It’s a must have. :wink:


Not mine anymore, but still sick.



^ I noticed on your BST you will be collecting nickel One Drops. Give us an update as they trickle in :wink:


He’s gonna add another one soon :wink:


I updated my photos:
nickelyoyos2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
Nickelyoyos by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Been wanting to take a pic like this for a while.

(G2 Jake) #12

Albatross and Nessies

(2Sick Joey) #13


Nickel Splash Tarnished Code 2

First time trying to splash tarnish a throw, turned out pretty well I think. :smiley:

IMG_0504 by L my Bs, on Flickr


I imagined that image was accompanied by angelic music.

Niiice collection. I’ve never seen so many nickels in one place.


My piggy bank has a lot more than that :wink:


WOW that’s a sick collection… U really need to post that on the One Drop Forum as well… CRAZY


Will do. Thx everybody


Splash Tarnished Code 2